Meet the Owner

Joe Petruso

I chose to work in this industry because after serving in the US Army I found myself looking for a job that best fit my hands on approach and direct capabilities. I chose to join a local union carpenter’s hall based out of Wentzville, MO. I found that in my younger years I was always a "talker". I love meeting people and being their problem solver. A good friend of mine introduced me to the world of roofing sales and how it could positively effect individuals in a field I was already familiar with! I excelled! Falling in love with my work, I never wanted to stop learning. I've worked for three of the largest roofing contractors in the St. Louis area as well as opened offices in Indiana, Colorado, and Kansas. I hated seeing how sales representatives and customers were treated in the "off season". Seemingly forgotten about till it was convenient for the contractor. That’s not my way of doing business! I believe in loyalty, duty, and respect. Just a few things I've kept with me from my days in the Armed Forces. Hence, Hero Construction was born!